P1324-1K - Counter, intelligent, set

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P1324-1K - Counter, intelligent, set
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Compact, intelligent time-measurement device;
thanks to the precise resolution of 0.1 ms and the easy-to-use menu with storage
options, experiments in dynamics and motion are easy to measure and calculate;
the light gates and wheel with spokes enable results for speed and acceleration to be
displayed as well;

Time mode:
- one light gate
- g-ladder (measuring and storing 11 time intervals)
- two light gates
- wheel with spokes (measures and stores 10 interruptions)
- pendulum movement (measures the first and third interruption)
- stopwatch

Speed mode:
- light gate (cm/s)
- impulse experiments (with 1 or 2 trolleys)
- pulley (rad/s)
- pulley (rev/s)

Acceleration mode:
- light gate (cm/s²)
- two light gates (cm/s²)
- pulley linear (rad/s)
- pulley angular (rev/s)

Counter mode (event counting):
- for 30, 60 or 300 seconds or manually

1 x Counter, intelligent
2 x Light gate
1 x Pulley with spokes for light gate
1 x g-ladder
2 x Screen for trolleys, with 2 bars
1 x Screen for trolleys, with 3 bars
2 x Connecting cable (Typ 1394)
1 x power supply 5V
1 x USB connecting cable
2 x rod for light gate

2 measurement inputs;
rechargeable battery, 3.7 V / 1100 mAh; operation time: approx. 40 hrs (when fully charged);
dimensions: 200 x 80 x 35 mm;
weight of counter: approx. 265 g

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Additional Information