DR990-9S - Experiment manual, "Radioactivity" book b/w

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DR990-9S - Experiment manual, "Radioactivity" book b/w
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RAI 001 Determining empty value
RAI 002 Identifying a radioactive substance
RAI 003 Investigating a bundle of rays
RAI 004 Statistical variance in measuring radiation
RAI 005 Statistical error in individual measurements
RAI 006 Range of alpha rays in air
RAI 007 Shielding from alpha rays
RAI 008 Range of beta rays in air
RAI 009 Exposure to external beta radiation
RAI 010 Absorption of beta radiation
RAI 011 Beta backscatter
RAI 012 Behaviour of beta rays in a magnetic field
RAI 013 Absorption of gamma radiation
RAI 014 Absorption curve of gamma radiation
RAI 015 Inverse square law
RAI 016 Behaviour of gamma rays in a magnetic field
RAI 017 Measuring coating thickness with beta rays
RAI 018 Measuring liquid levels with beta rays
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Additional Information

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