DM720-9VE - Experiment manual Aerodynamics

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DM720-9VE - Experiment manual Aerodynamics
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Subjects of experiment with the apparatus set for aerodynamics:
M 19.05* Model anemometer
M 19.06* Measurement of the flow speed
M 19.07 Dynamic pressure in an air stream
M 19.08 Pressure in a flow – Venturi tube
M 19.09 Aerodynamic paradox
M 19.10 Aerodynamic paradox – examples
M 19.11 Lift in an air stream
M 19.14* Streamlines at an aerofoil
M 19.15 Aerodynamic experiments on various objects
M 19.16 Air resistance and cross-sectional area
M 19.17 Air resistance, shape and cross-section of a model car
M 19.19 Air resistance and type of surface
M 19.20* Static pressure
M 19.21* Total pressure
M 19.22* Static pressure – total pressure - dynamic pressure – Bernoulli’s equation
M 19.23* Prandtl tube
M 19.24* Flow patterns over a house roof
M 19.25* Blowing off the roof of a house

* = Additional experiments

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