P1860-1B - Ultrasonic control unit

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P1860-1B - Ultrasonic control unit
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Electronic control unit consisting of a quartz-controled transmitter (40 kHz) with two
outputs as well as one input with amplifier and commutator.

- CONTINUE: Output signal gets continiously transmitted
(for diffraction-, superposition-, and absorption experiments)
- IMPULSE: Output signal gets transmitted as impulse
(for distance measurement, sonar principle, etc., in connection with an oscilloscope)
- SHOT: Non-recurring impulse transmission through push button
(for time – and distance measurements, in connection with an oscilloscope)
Out – and inputs have LEDs for the indication of a transmitting
or receiving signal and do also indicate the battery status or
overmodulation status of the receiver.
- Analogue Output through two 4-mm safety jacks
- Data output for oscilloscope, counter or computer

Voltage supply:
Battery driven (9 V – battery included) or external supply through
mains transformer P3130-1P
Dimensions: approx. 160 x 120 x 40 mm, Weight: approx. 310 g
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