P9902-4C - SEK Heat 1

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P9902-4C - SEK Heat 1
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With the module SEK Heat 1 experiments to the following topics can be performed:
1. Heat Expansion (11 Experiments)
2. Change of the State of Aggregation (10 Experiments)

Kit consisting of:
1x P7400-4A Graduated cylinder plastics, 100 ml
1x P2621-1A Heat absorbing tubes, pair of
1x P2420-1A Bimetallic strip
1x P7090-2A Wax crayon
2x P7132-1A Tubing plastics, 100 cm, transparent
2x P7400-1C Manometer-tube, acrylic
1x P2610-2A Needle steel, right angled
1x P2610-2B Spirals for heat radiation, set
1x P7230-4H Holder for dynamometers and test tubes, SE
1x P2600-5C Wax straps
1x P7422-2B Glass tube straight, L=80 mm

1x P7250-1T Support-rings, set of 3

D = 102 mm: bracket for wire gauze
D = 62 mm: Bracket for the beaker
D = 35 mm: Bracket for Erlenmeyer flask
These 3 support rings provide a maximum of
security when working with hot liquids

1x P7125-1B Wire gauze with ceramic centre, 150x150 mm
1x C1010-1D Beaker glass, 250 ml, tall form, Boro
1x C3020-4B Erlenmeyer flask glass, 100 ml, SB 19

1x P2400-1A Tube for heat expansion, alu
1x P2400-1B Tube for heat expansion, iron
2x P2400-1C Pointer with plug, for heat expansion
1x P2400-2F Slider with setting for heat expansion
1 xP5310-3F Slider for pointers for heat expansion

2x C1050-1C Test tube glass, 16x160 mm, Boro
1x P7030-2A Petroleum, scented, 50 ml
1x P7020-4A Sodium thiosulfate, 200 g
1x P7050-1A Powder dye, red
2x C7320-1D Stopper silicone, 12/18/27 mm, 1 hole
1x C7320-2B Stopper silicone, 17/22/25 mm, 1 hole, SB 19
1x C7320-2C Stopper silicone, 17/22/25 mm, 2 holes, SB 19
1x P1120-3A Aluminium block
1x P1120-3D Block iron with hook, small
1x P2700-3D Insulation flask with lid
1x P7240-1G Support rod, round, L=500 mm, D=10 mm

2x P2220-1A Thermometer -10...+110/1 °C, alc., graduated
Partition 1°C, filled with alcohol

1x P2220-9A Thermometer -10...+110/1 °C, alc., not graduated
filled with alcohol

1x P7906-4C Box-insert Heat 1, SE
1x P7806-1G Storage box II big, with cover, Box -insert plan with 2 labels
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Additional Information

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