P9901-4U - SEK Ultrasonic

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P9901-4U - SEK Ultrasonic
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With the module SEK Ultrasonic the following experiments can be performed:
Transmitter – radiation characteristics
Receiver – characteristics
Bundling of waves – effect of a parabolic mirror
The parabolic mirror as transmitter
Ambient noises
Superposition principle
Absorption of sound in air
Diffraction at a barrier
Diffraction at a simple slit
Diffraction at a double slit
Diffraction at a circular blind (round hole)
Diffraction at a circular plate
Diffraction at Fresnel lenses
Interference through two transmitters
Lloyd experiment
Stationary waves through two transmitters
Stationary waves through reflection
Wave length – speed of sound

Kit consisting of:
1x P1860-1B Ultrasonic control unit
2x P1860-1S Ultrasonic transmitter
1x P1860-1E Ultrasonic receiver
1x P1860-1G Ultrasonic goniometer
3x P1861-1R Slider with clamping post 40 mm
1x P1865-BS Ultrasonic apertures, set of, with angle bracket
1x P1865-BR Ultrasonic frame aperture for absorption experiments
1x P1865-1P Ultrasonic parabolic mirror

1x P7906-4U Box insert Ultrasonic
1x P7806-1G Storage box II big, with cover,
Box-insert plan with 2 labels
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Additional Information

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