P9901-4A - SEK Rail stand material

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P9901-4A - SEK Rail stand material
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Kit consisting of:
2x P7230-4E Bearing pin
1x P7230-4H Holder for dynamometers and test tubes, SE
1x P7220-2D Table clamp, NTL – SE
2x P7210-5C Stand rail, 300 mm, NTL – SE
NTL aluminium profile for use as standbase or inclined plane
1x P5310-1S Rail connector SE, universal
Special NTL aluminium profile, for connecting NTL rails
3x P7230-1M Bosshead, universal, NTL – SE
Rectangular aluminium profile, for mounting shafts, pins and / or springs
1x P7230-1K Bosshead, round, NTL – SE
1x P5310-1H Sliding saddle with set screw
Special NTL profile
1x P5310-3F Slider for pointers for heat expansion
Special NTL profile
2x P7240-1C Support rod, round, L = 250 mm, D = 10 mm
2x P7240-1D End cap for rods, plastics
Creates a stand base out of a stand rail and a support rod
1x P7240-1A Support rod with pivot pin, L = 100 mm, D = 10 mm
1x P7502-1A Pair of scissors, SE
1x P7100-1A Cord, roll, 30 m, high tensile strength

1x P7806-4A Box insert Rail stand material, SE
1x P7806-1K Storage box II small, with cover
Box insert plan with 2 labels

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Additional Information

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