P9902-4K - SEK Optics 3, supplement

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P9902-4K - SEK Optics 3, supplement
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With the SEK Optics 3, supplement additional experiments to the following topics can be made:
1. Lenses (2 experiments)
2. Waveoptics (6 experiments)

Kit consisting of:
1x P5310-1B Track and optical bench, 2 x 50 cm
1x P5310-1S Rail bond SE, universal
1x P7240-1A Support rod with pivot pin, L=100 mm, D=10 mm
1x P5410-1H Circular disk in mount, D=34 mm
1x P5410-1G Circular aperture in mount, D=20 mm
1x P5310-2A Holder for lenses and apertures
1x P5820-1B Diffraction grating, 300 lines/mm
1x P5420-2A Quartz, polarization preparation
1x P5710-1A Cell SE, 85x45x43 mm
2x P5420-1A Polarizer, D=50 mm, in mount
2x P5420-1B Holder for polarizers, with graduation
1x P5310-1E Sliding saddle for optical bench
1x P5310-1H Sliding saddle with setscrew
1x P5310-3F Slider for pointers for heat expansion
1x P5111-1S Rod SE, for Optics lamp 02
1x P5420-3A Object for photoelastics

Items can be placed in box - insert and box of SEK Optics 2
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Additional Information

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