P9901-4B - SEK Mechanics 1

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P9901-4B - SEK Mechanics 1
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Kit consisting of:
1x P1311-2A Dynamics trolley, SE
1x P1100-1E Measuring tape, L=300 cm
2x P1220-2D Scale pan with suspension
1x P1220-2C Pointer for lever rod
1x P1220-2B Scale with graduation, SE
1x P1220-2E Sliding saddle for lever rod
1x P1120-1S Lead (tare) shot, 50 g
1x P1100-2B Vernier calliper, plastic
1x P7400-2C Beaker plastics, 100 ml
1x P7400-4A Graduated cylinder plastics, 100 ml
1x P1410-1F Immersion probes, set of, SE
2x P7400-1C Manometer-tube, acrylic, D=8 mm, L=200 mm
1x P7400-1A Acrylic tube, D=20 mm, L=120 mm
1x C7320-1D Stopper silicone, 12.5/18/27 mm, 1 hole
1x P7405-1A Test tube glass 12x100 mm
4x P1120-2F Slotted weight, 50 g, SE
4x P1120-2D Slotted weight, 10 g, SE
2x P1120-2C Holder for slotted weights, 10g, SE
1x P1120-1B Balance weights set, 1...50 g
2x P7240-1G Support rod, round, L=500 mm, D=10 mm
1x P7400-1B Acrylic tube, D=8 mm, L=80 mm
1x P1120-3E Hollow block (Archimedes)
50 x 20 x 20 mm for easy calculation of the volume
(without calculator)
1x P1120-3A Aluminium block
1x P1120-3B Block iron with hook, big
1x P1120-3D Block iron with hook, small
1x P1810-2A Coil spring 3 N/m, D=35 mm approx.
1x P1810-2B Coil spring 20 N/m, D=12 mm approx.
1x P1220-2A Lever rod for balance SE, L=420 mm
Full alu profile with plastics elements and naps
for the mounting of masses and scale pans, two drill
holes for stable and instable equilibrium, thread for
1x P1810-1C Flat spring steel, 0.4mm, L=165 mm
1x P7422-9A Capillary tubes, set of 3
1x P1230-3B Pulleys, set of (4 pieces), plastics, SE
with very deep groovings
1x P7132-1A Tubing plastics, 100 cm, transparent
1x P7132-1B Tubing plastics, 16 cm, transparent
2x P1130-1C Dynamometer 2 N, transparent
Graduation in 0.02 N, transparent housing for watching the
spring, zero point fixing, arrester position for avoiding
overexpansion of the spring
1x C6100-2K Syringe, 20 ml, plastics
1x DS412-3K Bead chain 50 cm, for tubes

1x P7806-4B Box-insert Mechanics 1, SE
1x P7806-1G Storage box II big, with cover
Box -insert plan with 2 labels
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Additional Information

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