P9902-5M - SEK Magnetism

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P9902-5M - SEK Magnetism
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With the SEK Magnetism experiments to the following topics can be performed:
1. Magnetic Interaction (6 Experiments)
2. Magnetic Induction (4 Experiments)
3. The magnetic field of a bar magnet (8 Experiments)

Kit consisting of:
2x P3410-1K Bar Magnet
1x P3410-2F Iron filings in box
1x P3410-5M Pocket compass
1x P3411-2A Globe for magnetic field of earth, 85 mm
1x P3410-2C Magnetic field sensor - SE
1x P3911-3F Plug pin with needle
2x P3410-1L Supporting plate for bar magnets
4x P3410-2E Threaded bolt steel, L=40 mm
1x P3911-3H Insulating block with socket
1x P3410-2M Bearing bush for cylindrical magnets
1x P3413-1P Magnetic field plate "compact"
2x P3911-1L Pole lamination SE, 60 x 25 mm
1x P3430-1C Paper clip in container, set of 10
1x P3430-1B Paper clip with string
1x P3308-2P Test tube 16x150 mm, plastics
1x P3417-1F Magnetic field sheet
1x P3417-1G Magnetic rubber bar
1x P3410-1W Soft iron ring, SE
1x P3410-1N Iron nails in box, SE

1x P7906-5M Box insert Magnetism, SE
1x P7806-1K Storage box II small, with cover, Box -insert plan with 2 labels
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Additional Information

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