P9901-4P - SEK Power, Work and Efficiency

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P9901-4P - SEK Power, Work and Efficiency
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Set consisting of:
P3820-1S 1x Hand generator with controller
P3820-1GZ 1x Gear wheel for hand generator (spare)
P3823-MS 1x Hand motor with pulley
P3310-2E 3x Connecting lead, 25 cm, black, SE
P3310-2B 4x Connecting lead, 10 cm, black, SE
P3710-2D 1x MBC Lamp socket E 10, triple
DE309-3C 2x Light bulb, 6 V/0.1 A, E10
C6008-1A 2x Sample box with lid, plastics, 30 ml, 35x35x33mm
DE309-3E 5x Light bulb, 6 V/0.3 A, E10
DG500-4S 1x Double socket, insulated, black
DG500-4R 1x Double socket, insulated, red
C6008-1B 1x Sample box with lid, plastics, 80 ml, 50x50x40mm
DE309-3T 2x Light bulb, 6 V/0.5 A, E10
DG200-3S 1x Cord, 150 cm, with loop
DM121-5B 5x Weight on hook 100 g
P2701-1E 1x Heating spiral, SE
P2725-2T 1x Peltierelement with 2 plugs
P1130-1C 1x Dynamometer 2 N, transparent
DG270-1A 1x Labels adhesive, pack

P7906-6G 1 Box insert Power and Work and Efficiency
P7806-1K 1 Storage box II small, with cover
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Additional Information

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