P9902-4P - SEK Forces and Torque

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P9902-4P - SEK Forces and Torque
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With the module SEK Forces and Torque the following experiments can be performed:
Composition of several forces
Force direction and application point
Torque – equilibrium
Torques with different application points
Rotary motion – uniformly accelerated*
Moment of interia and angular acceleration*

The records marked with a * can only be done with interface and sensor.

Kit consisting of:
1x DM355-5A Force table
4x DM355-5S Pulley with very low friction
4x P1120-2C Holder for slotted weights, 10g
8x P1120-2F Slotted weight, 50 g
8x P1120-1E Slotted weight, 20 g
8x P1120-2D Slotted weight, 10 g
4x P1120-2B Slotted weight, 5 g, SE
1x DM355-5M Torque accessory for force table
1x DM355-5Z Additional mass for Torque accessory

1x P7906-4P Box insert Forces and torque, SE
1x P7806-1K Storage box II small, with cover, Box -insert plan with 2 labels
Additional Information

Additional Information

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