P9902-5P - SEK Electromagnetism

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P9902-5P - SEK Electromagnetism
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With the SEK Electromagnetism experiments to the following topics can be performed:
1. Thermal energy derived from electrical energy (3 experiments)
2. Work and Power (2 experiments)
3. Electromagnetism (8 experiments)
4. Kinetic energy derived from electrical energy (8 experiments)
5. Electromagentic Induction (20 Experiments)

Kit consisting of:
1x P3911-3J PIB with heating coil
1x P3910-2C PIB glow lamp
1x P3910-2S PIB pushbutton
1x P3911-1K Iron core solid, L=50 mm
1x P3911-3E Contact pin SE
2x P3911-1L Pole lamination SE, 60 x 25 mm
2x P3911-1N Commutator brush, SE
1x P3911-1Q Magnet holder
1x P3911-1O Commutator disc
1x P3911-1R Collecting ring disc
1x P2420-1A Bimetallic strip, SE
1x P1810-1A Flat spring steel, 0.2 mm
1x P1810-1B Flat spring brass
1x P3911-1T PIB motor
1x P3911-2J PIB for coil 800 turns
1x P3911-2K PIB for coil with 2×800 turns
1x P3911-2R Coil with 800 turns, SE, blue
1x P3911-2S Coil 2 x 800 turns SE, red
1x P3911-1J Iron core laminated
2x P3911-1P Bearing pin, SE

1x P7906-5E Box insert Electromagnetism, SE
1x P7806-1K Storage box II small, with cover, Box -insert plan with 2 labels

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Additional Information

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