P9901-4D - SEK Electricity 1

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P9901-4D - SEK Electricity 1
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With the SEK Electricity 1 experiments to the following topics can be performed:
1. Fundamental Principles (8 Experiments)
2. Electric Resistance (16 Experiments)
3. Thermal Energy derived from electrical energy (5 Experiments)
4. Work and Power (2 Experiments)
5. Electrochemistry (6 Experiments)

Kit consisting of:
1x P3910-1A Plug-in panel, small
2x P3310-2E Connecting lead, 25 cm, black, SE
1x P3310-3A Connecting lead, 50 cm, red, SE
1x P3310-3B Connecting lead, 50 cm, blue, SE
1x P3310-4A Connecting lead, 75 cm, red, SE
1x P3310-4B Connecting lead, 75 cm, blue, SE
4x P3910-1B PIB connector
5x P3910-1C PIB wire, straight
2x P3910-1D PIB wire, straight, with socket
1x P3910-1F PIB wire, T-shaped, with socket
4x P3910-1E PIB wire, T-shaped
4x P3910-1H PIB wire, angled, with socket
2x P3910-1G PIB wire, angled
1x P3910-1J PIB wire, interrupted, with sockets
1x P3910-2R PIB switch, ON/OFF
2x P3910-2T PIB two-way switch
1x P3910-3G PIB resistor 100 Ohm
1x P3910-3M PIB resistor 500 Ohm
1x P3910-3O PIB resistor 1 kOhm
2x P3910-2K PIB battery (accu) 1.2V
2x P3911-3B PIB with adapter bush
2x P3910-2A PIB lamp socket E 10
1x P3325-2C Electrolysis tank
1x P3325-1A Conductors and non-conductors, set of
1x P3325-2A Electrodes, set of
2x P3320-1A Light bulb, 2.5V / 70mA (1,5V / 50 mA), E10
2x P3320-1I Light bulb, 10 V/50 mA, E10
1x P3314-1A Fuse wire, D = 0.1 mm, bobbin red
1x P3316-1C Resistance wire, D = 0.2 mm, bobbin blue
1x P3316-1B Copper wire, D = 0.2 mm, bobbin black
4x P3911-3D Crocodile clip with plug
2x P3911-3A Holder with slit and hole, SE

1x P7906-4DS Box-insert "soft", plug-in board and cables, SE
1x P7906-4D Box-insert Electricity 1, SE
1x P7806-1K Storage box II small, with cover,
Box -insert plan with 2 labels

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Additional Information

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