C9902-4B - SEK Chemistry glass

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C9902-4B - SEK Chemistry glass
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Kit consisting of:
1x C1000-1B Beaker glass, 100 ml, low form, Boro
1x C1000-1C Beaker glass, 150 ml, low form, Boro
1x C1000-1D Beaker glass, 250 ml, low form, Boro
1x C1370-1B Funnel plastics, D=75 mm
1x C3020-6D Erlenmeyer flask glass, 250 ml, SB 29
1x C1055-1H Test tube glass, 30x200 mm, with side arm, Boro
1x C1380-2A Gas jar glass, cylindrical, 200x52mm, rim grounded
1x C1064-1A Funnel separatory, 50 ml, cylindrical, with stopper
1x C7520-1A Cobalt glass filter, 50x50 mm
2x B7505-1A Microscope slide, 76 x 25 x 1 mm
1x C1385-1A Cover plate glass, D=75 mm, one side grounded
1x C6120-1C Watch glass, D=100 mm
1x C6030-1A Glas tube, acute-angled
1x C6030-1B Glass tube 2 - right-angled, 160 + 80 mm
1x C6030-1C Pointed glass tube, L=110 mm, with tip
1x C6030-1D Glass tube 4 - S-shaped, 150+65mm
1x C6030-1E Glass tube, straight, L=250 mm
1x C6030-1F Glass tube 6 - straight, 50mm
1x C6030-1G Glass tube 7 - right-angled with tip, 50+50mm
12x C1050-1C Test tube glass, 16x160 mm, Boro
1x B7804-1A Magnifier, 3x and 5x, plastics
2x C6150-2A Pipette glass, with rubber bulb, 5 ml
1x C7530-1A Brush for test tubes, D=17 mm
1x C6510-6C Thermometer -20...+110/1 °C, alc., graduated
4x C7320-1C Stopper silicone, 12/18/27 mm
2x C7320-1D Stopper silicone, 12/18/27 mm, 1 hole
2x C7320-4B Stopper silicone, 26/32/30 mm, 1 hole, SB 29
1x C6160-1S Pipette pump, mechanical, upto 10 ml

1x C7906-4B Box-insert Chemistry-glass
1x P7806-1G Storage box II big, with cover, Box -insert plan with 2 labels

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Additional Information

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