P9902-4W - SEK Alternative energy-conversion

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P9902-4W - SEK Alternative energy-conversion
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With the module SEK Alternative energy-conversion experiments to the
following topics can be performed:
1. Combustion Engines (1 Experiment)
2. Sun - Photovoltaics (4 Experiments)
3. Hydro Power (1 Experiment)
4. Thermal Power (1 Experiment)
5. Wind Power (1 Experiment)
6. Energy Storage (2 Experiments)

Kit consisting of:
1x P2890-1D Fire piston
1x P2890-1Z Ignition cylinder
1x P3600-2A MBC double solar cell
1x P3601-2A Clinometer for double solar cell
1x P1314-1M Electric car, model
1x P3610-1T Turbine in casing
1x P3610-1M MBC motor/generator
1x P3610-1P Propeller
1x P3820-1G Hand generator
1x P3620-1S MBC energy storage
1x P3710-2A MBC lamp socket E 10
5x P3320-1A Light bulb, 1.5 V/50 mA, E10
1x P3310-1S Set of 6 cables, SE
1x C5991-1S Silicone oil for syringes, 3 ml, bottle with brush

1x P7906-4W Box insert Alternative energy - conversion
1x P7806-1G Storage box II big, with cover, Box -insert plan with 2 labels
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Additional Information

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