DR991-1B - Radioactivity, set

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DR991-1B - Radioactivity, set
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In solidly constructed NTL box, stored in predefined places - consisting of:
1) DR200-KC Potassium chloride, 250 g
The naturally occurring substance is the primordial radionuclide 40K,
which is available to 0.0117 atomic percent in the element potassium;
specific activity of 16.2 Bq / g at 40K;
250 g in plastic box with screw cap
2) DR201-1C Columbite
Naturally occurring, slightly radioactive solid solution, also called Niobite,
contains the elements niobium and tantalum;
is NOT notifiable in accordance with the Radiation Protection Ordinance!
Dimensions: L = 20 mm
3) DR250-1A Radiation absorption plates, set
Plates of various materials to the absorption of radiation;
materials: 10 x lead, 5 x steel, 5 x aluminum, 5 x acrylic;
plate dimensions : each 80 x 50 x 2 mm
4) DR212-1H Holder for absorption plates, magnetic
For vertical mounting of up to 10 absorption plates, magnetic, to metal panels or directly on the laboratory bench;
robust, variable clamping metal holder with 4 clamping springs,
max. wingspan: 23 mm;
bottom side 4 built-in neodymium magnets;
window opening : 50 x 50 mm;
dimensions : width = 94 mm, height = 70 mm, depth = 54 mm
5) DR201-1R Radioactive preparation mount, magnetic
For vertical mounting of the radiation sources DR209-ff;
aluminum bracket with magnets and steel bolt in axle height;
H (total) = 50 mm, axle height = 35 mm
6) C3551-2T Test tube, graduated
For tests for level measurement with a radiation source and lead shot;
thick-walled test tube with graduation, for clamping it into holder DR212-1H;
content: 25 ml; D (outer) = 20 mm, H = 160 mm
7) DM115-1A Lead (tare) shot, 250 g
Lead shot used as absorption or as weights for taring;
ball D = 2 mm; in plastic bottle; capacity 250 g
8) DR213-1A Adapter for deflection in radioactive substances
For investigating the behaviour of radiation in a magnetic field;
metal mount for positioning button magnets DE407-1A in front of sources DR209-ff;
the mount may be plugged directly into the preparation casing;
dimensions: D = 35 mm, L = 28 mm
9) DE407-1A Button magnets small, pair, “neo“
Material: neodymium; poles covered with red or green plastic cap; D = 13 mm, H = 5 mm
10) C6008-1B Container with lid, 80 ml, plastics,
50 x 50 x 40 mm
Transparent, impact-resistant plastic container with firmly closing lid
11) C7418-2A Knife for laboratory use, steel
For cutting off meat or meat slices as a substitute for human soft tissue;
for determining the surface dose;
handy stainless steel blade with plastic handle, L = 150 mm
12) C7415-2Z Crucible tong
For low-contamination handling of radioactive sources DR209-ff;
curved forceps made of steel and nickel-plated; L = 200 mm

P7906-1R Box insert Radioactivity, plastics
P7806-1K Storage box II small, with cover

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Additional Information

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