DE706-1E - Energy - measuring device

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DE706-1E - Energy - measuring device
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Measuring device with LCD for determining the energy
consumption of devices that are plugged into the outlet.
By entering the current price of power, the resulting power or
operating costs can be displayed.
The following parameters can be measured and displayed:
– Amperage (A)
– Voltage (V)
– Output (W)
– Minimum and maximum output (W)
– Energy consumption (kWh)
– Operating time
– Weekday
– Frequency (Hz)
– Power factor
– Energy cost in euros
(where energy price has been entered)

Technical data:
Operating voltage: 230 V AC / 50 Hz
Max. load: 16 A / 3680 W
Current: 0 - 16 A
Accuracy: ± 2%
Internal consumption: 0.5 W
Display dimensions: 40 x 60 mm
Housing dimensions: approx. 73 x 146 mm

Additional Information

Additional Information

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