DL560-1G - Precision Spectro and Goniometer

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DL560-1G - Precision Spectro and Goniometer
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For observing and measuring spectra,
for measuring the deflection angle of prisms and grids
as well as for the determination of visible dispersion and refractive index;

Fixed collimator tube with rotating and adjustable precision gap
and fine drive for setting the focal length.
Swiveling observation telescope around the table,
with fine drive for setting the focal length.

Locking screw of the swivel arm with additional fine drive
which allows minimal and stable settings of the degrees.

Rotatable table for prisms and grids, D = 8.5 cm, height adjustable and levelable,
with locking screw, one prism and one grid holder can be screwd onto the table.

Angle reading in two windows, exactly to 1 minute of arc.
(Main scale has a scaling throughout in ½ degree, and 30-part vernier scale).

Dimensions: height: 20.5 cm, length: 54 cm;
Mass: 5.4 kg

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Additional Information

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