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DL100-9CE - Experiment manual, "Laser light", CD-ROM

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Experiment manual, "Laser light", CD-ROM

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OPL 001 Vibration of a flat spring
OPL 002 Superimposition of vibrations
OPL 003 Lissajous figures
Geometric optics
OPL 004 Model of an optic fibre
OPL 005 Optic fibre cable
Wave optics
OPL 006 Diffraction by water drops
OPL 007 Black circles - estimating the size of spores
OPL 008 Pulling apart a point of light
OPL 009 Diffraction through a slit
OPL 010 Diffraction through a diaphragm
OPL 011 Diffraction through various objects
OPL 012 Diffraction through hair
OPL 013 Babinet's principle
OPL 013 Diffraction through a double slit
OPL 015 Diffraction through a grid
OPL 016 Diffraction through woven material
OPL 017 Measuring the wave length of laser light
OPL 018 Diffraction through a cross-grating - determining the grid constant
OPL 019 Interference in a bi-prism
OPL 020 Interference in Fresnel's mirror
OPL 021 Interference and Newton's rings
OPL 022 Measuring the capacity of a CD-ROM
OPL 023 Laser light may be polarized
Information transmission
OPL 024 Faraday effect
OPL 025 Sound transmission using the Faraday effect
OPL 026 Modulation of laser light
OPL 027 Modulation of laser light - optical fibre cable
OPL 028 Experimental model of satellite transmission
Michelson interferometer
OPL 029 Interferometer
OPL 030 Measuring the wavelength of laser light
OPL 031 Optical Doppler effect
OPL 032 Optical density in air - changed by heat
OPL 033 Optical density in air - carbon dioxide

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