DM725-ND - Newtonmeter "inno" 20 N / 2000 g

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DM725-ND - Newtonmeter "inno" 20 N / 2000 g
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Featuring force measurement over a minimum of distance, yet with a high degree of precision,
and a 26 mm digital display, making this device especially.
Demonstration instrument with magnets, for measuring force (in newtons) or mass (in grams).
The easy-to-read LED display (H = 26 mm) and the external sensor in a rugged case of rectangular tubing make it an ideal instrument for mechanics experiments,
particularly when used with a magnetic panel.
Both tension and pressure can be measured.
By means of a support rod (D = 10 mm) the sensor can be fastened to common stands.
Measuring range N: ± 20 N, resolution: 0.01 N
Measuring range mN: ± 2000 mN, resolution: 1 mN
Measuring range kg: ± 2 kg, resolution: 1 g
Measuring range g: ± 200 g, resolution: 0.1 g
Zero compensation (tare): manual, by means of push button
Accuracy: better than 0.5 %
Power supply: 4 x 1.5 V mignon cells (included) or external power supply 6 V / 500 mA, P3120-6N
Dimensions: approx. 160 x 120 mm

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Additional Information

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