DM280-1Z - Air track, supplementary set

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DM280-1Z - Air track, supplementary set
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Consisting of:
DM280-1R 1x Pulley for deflection, with plug, ball bearing
Special, virtually friction-free plastic pulley (D=50 mm) with ball bearing, mounted on bracket with 4 mm plug pin
DM281-1H 1x Hook with plug
DM281-1B 2x Screen with plug, L=25 mm
P1311-2F 1x Adapter for unelastic collision (set of 2)
P1311-2D 4x Spring bumper
DM281-2M 4x Round magnet with plug, D=13 mm
DM120-1A 1x Weight on hook 2 g
DM121-1A 1x Weight on hook 5 g
P7100-1A 1x Cord, 30 m roll, high tensile strength

Electromagnetic launcher:
P3911-2G 1x Iron core, slotted with screw
P3911-2V 1x Coil with 800 turns, SE, blue
P3310-7S 2x Connecting leads, 4/2 mm
DM281-2M 1x Fork with magnet for retaining
P7911-2L 1x Box Insert Luki-accessoires
P7806-1G 1x Plastic box big, with cover
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Additional Information

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