DM280-1K - Air track, basic set

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DM280-1K - Air track, basic set
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Consisting of:
Consisting of
DM280-1F 1xTrack, L=2000 mm
DM282-1S 2x Gliders
Glider for air track, material: plastic, pins mounted on the side for mounting additional weights, 4 mm hole on the upper edge for fixing screens, 4 mm hole at each end with inserted metal tip or for attaching forks or bumpers
Dimensions: L=125 mm, H=60 mm, weight: 70 g
DM281-1Z 4x Metal pin with plug, 10g
DM282-2M 4x Additional weight, 50 g, L=124 mm
DM281-1S 1x Launcher, mechanical
Aluminium block with tension spring and lever for fixing and releasing launching pin, spring tension may be varied
repeatedly, allowing consecutive launching at the same
force, two 4 mm plugs for fastening to the end receptacle
of the air track, Dimensions: approx. 80x47x20 mm
DM280-1E 1x End receptacle
Firmly mounted at one end of the track
DM281-7E 1x End receptacle, adjustable
For setting the desired working distance variably to any point along the track
DM281-1G 4x Fork with plug, with rubber band
Used as bumper, may be plugged into end receptacle or
DM281-2G 1x Rubber bands, set
Replacement rubber bands for fork DM281-1G, set of 10
DM281-1P 2x Plate with plug
Reciprocal of fork with rubber band
DM281-2B 2x Screen with plug, L=100 mm, 10g
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Additional Information

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