DE715-9SE - Experiment manual "Fault Current System", b/w booklet

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DE715-9SE - Experiment manual "Fault Current System", b/w booklet
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Experiments on the topic of Working safely with electricity:
EFI 001 Overloading and fuses
EFI 002 Short circuits
EFI 003 Resistance of the human body
EFI 004 The human body in circuits
EFI 005 Touching one contact can be lethal
EFI 006 Touching one contact through a housing short circuit
EFI 007 Lethal errors
EFI 008 Site insulation
EFI 009 Protective separation
EFI 010 Protective grounding
EFI 011 Grounded receptacle outlet
EFI 012 Disadvantages of protective grounding
EFI 013 Death in the shower - potential equalisation
EFI 014 Earth leakage safety switch (fault current switch)
EFI 015 Advantages of a fault current switch
EFI 016 Testing a fault current switch

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Additional Information

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