C9020-02 - Molecule model set 2 (demo)

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C9020-02 - Molecule model set 2 (demo)
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Molecule model sets:
Round models of atoms and connecting pins made of solid plastic, in various colours and sizes, supplied in a plastic box with a lid

Component parts:
40 pieces Hydrogen, white, D=17mm
24 pieces Carbon, black, D=23mm
6 pieces Carbon, black, D=23mm
12 pieces Oxygen, red, D=23mm
4 pieces Nitrogen, blue, D=23mm
1 piece Sulphur, yellow, D=23mm
4 pieces Sulphur, yellow, D=23mm
12 pieces Halogen, green, D=17mm
2 pieces Metal, grey, D=17mm
1 piece Metal, grey, D=20mm
60 pieces Connector, white, short
55 pieces Connector, grey, medium
25 pieces Connector, grey, long
1 Tool for removing connectors
1 Storage box, plastic
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