DR209-SR - Sr-90 preparation (beta radiation)

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DR209-SR - Sr-90 preparation (beta radiation)
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Emits beta radiation (strontium 90) with a nominal activity (A) of 0.1 µCi (3.7 kBq)
and an energy level of 0.564 MeV (100%). The half-life period is 28.8 years.

According to the General Austrian Radiation Protection Ordinance (AllgStrSchV)
this radiation source is below the exemption limit of 10 kBq. Therefore the preparation
is not considered as a highly-radioactive radiation source in respect of the AllgStrSchV.
The source is supplied in a disc which is pressed into a cylindrical acrylic glass
sheating; afterwards this is closed with glue. A sticker with radiation warning symbol
indicates the source.
Dimensions of the acrylic glass cylinder: D= 30 mm, H = 12 mm

Additional Information

Additional Information

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