P3250-1M - Multimeter digital “BT”, True RMS

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P3250-1M - Multimeter digital “BT”, True RMS
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Professional multimeter (safety category CAT IV) with True RMS measurement method;
Data transfer via Bluetooth (4.0) enables data acquisition on the mobile phone, PC or tablet.

The free-available application for Android and iOS enables the following ways to display the measurements:
- analogue as a diagram
- digital (on a 10’ tablet the measured values are displayed with a digit height of 65 mm in full screen mode)

to measure Measuring range max. Resolution
Voltage DC (V): 60,00 mV … 1000 V 0,01 mV
Voltage AC (V): 60,00 mV … 750 V 0,01 mV
Current DC (A): 600,0 μA … 20,00 A 0,1 μA
Current AC (A): 600,0 μA … 20,00 A 0,1 μA
Resistance (Ω): 600,0 Ω … 60,00 MΩ 0,1 Ω
Capacity (F): 60,00 nF … 60,00 mF 0,01 nF
Frequency (Hz): 9,999 Hz … 9,999 MHz 0,001 Hz
Temperature (°C/°F): -50 … +400 °C 1 °C
-58 … +752 °F 1 °F

Continuity test, Diode test, Touchless voltage detection (NCV)

Other functions:
Automatic range selection, overload protection, “Data hold” function, relative value,
LCD back light, integrated flash light, battery display, automatic shutdown
Way of measuring: True RMS
Safety category: CAT IV (up to 600 V and CAT III (up to 1000 V)
Internal resistance: ≥ 10 MΩ
Size of LCD display: 58.5 x 41 mm
Digit height: 24.5 mm

Included in the scope of delivery:
2 connection cables, 2 isolated alligator clips, temperature sensor, holster, technical description

Power supply: 9V Battery (6F22):
Safeguard: 1 A (1000 V) and 15 A (1000 V)
Dimensions: 190 x 90 x 56 mm
Weight: approx. 320 g

Additional Information

Additional Information

Main Product Combi – Demonstration measuring device
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