DE940-0A - MPL Number Systems

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DE940-0A - MPL Number Systems
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This panel is used to demonstrate the number systems used in
information technology (binary and hexadecimal numbers).
Range: 0 ... 255 or 8 bits
Toggle switches are used to activate the displays showing the particular number entered. Input may be entered either as decimal or binary numbers with a toggle switch for mode selection.
Three rotating knobs are available for selecting decimal digits, while binary numbers are entered by setting toggle switches. Numbers are shown on two LED displays: a three-digit, seven-segment display (26 mm) for decimal numbers and a two-digit alphanumeric display for hexadecimal numbers (22 mm).
Eight LEDs (5 mm) display binary values.

Additionally required:
P3130-1P Mains transformer 12V DC / 2A
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