DE945-2E - MPL Controlling

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DE945-2E - MPL Controlling
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This panel is used to demonstrate practical applications of digital technology in electronic and electromechanical control systems. Input may be selected from five different, independent signal sources: a toggle switch, an NTC thermistor, used as a temperature sensor, an LDR,
used as a light detector, a Reed relay contact (gas-filled magnetic switch), and a pressure-sensitive contact. Potentiometers are available for setting the sensitivity of the NTC thermistor, LDR and pressure-sensitive inputs. All
output is accessible either as a direct or inverted signal and the current state is displayed in each case by an LED. Output terminals are protected against short-circuiting and suited to being directly connected to the logic gates.
Logic gates: 2 NOT gates, 2 AND gates and 2 OR gates.
Four control elements are available for each output signal: an LED (5 mm, green), an E10 light bulb, a drive motor and an electromechanical buzzer. The signal amplifiers for these elements are built into the MPL module. Current output state is displayed by LEDs. Input and output elements as well as the individual gates are connected by means of 4-mm connecting leads.

Motor control, model of an alarm system, a fire detector, air
conditioning system, heating control system and other circuits
(instructions for 12 example circuits).

Additionally required:
2x P3310-2S Connecting leads, 25 cm, black, set of 6
1x P3410-1K Round bar magnet, 10x50 mm
1x P3320-1I Light bulb, 10 V/50 mA, E10
P3130-1P Mains transformer 12V DC / 2A
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