DE740-2M - Motor - Generator unit, "demo"

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DE740-2M - Motor - Generator unit, "demo"
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Large, ready-to-use working model of a motor / generator.
Thanks to the open front design, students can clearly see
how the parts of the model work even from a large distance.
Power is supplied by elastic carbon brushes on the commutator or slip rings.
The removable rotor (length: 356 mm) runs on two ball bearings.
On the bottom there is a large drive pulley with a crank and belt.
Comes with two plastic-coated plate magnets, 82 x 42 x 18 mm.
Dimensions: 360 x 110 x 180 mm

Additional Information

Additional Information

Spare Parts Carbon brush for motor-generator unit, demo (spare)
Dokumente DE740-2M_Versuchsanleitung_DEU.pdf