DM405-2P - Hydraulic press, working model

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DM405-2P - Hydraulic press, working model
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Acrylic model for demonstrating how hydraulic force is transferred,
this model can be used not only to show the movement of the pressure and press pistons and the valve clearance, even practical examples of use in real life can be demonstrated. The ratio of the surface areas of the two pistons is 1:12, while the sturdy manner in which the press is built allows it to exert up to 500 N of press force!
Piston D=16 mm and 56 mm
Free working height: 60 mm
Dimensions: 200x70x285 mm

Accessories included:
DM405-1B Metal bracket with notches
Dimensions: 40x40x20 mm
DE300-1F Iron nails, L=80 mm, set of 20
DM366-1K Styrofoam ball, D=30 mm

Required accessories:
DM340-2W Vat with drain connector
Acrylic, D=200 mm, H=65 mm
Additional Information

Additional Information

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