P3130-4D - High-power transformer 1-12 V AC/DC, “SE”

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P3130-4D - High-power transformer 1-12 V AC/DC, “SE”
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Power supply for experiments briefly requiring a large amount of current (e.g. displaying field lines of conductors under current), but also suitable for most electricity experiments
Output voltage: 1 … 12 V AC or DC in 1-V increments
AC load capacity: 7 A, >20 A briefly (for approx. 5 sec.)
DC: 6 A, when set at 1 ... 6 V, 20 ... 25 A briefly (for approx. 5 sec.)
LEDs display the various operating modes, protected against short circuits, automatic load reduction or shutdown under continued overload, galvanic separation from mains
Output voltage supplied by 4-mm safety jacks
ABS plastic case, voltage source: 230 V AC/50 …60 Hz
Dimensions: 210x96x200 mm, weight: approx. 3.2 kg
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Additional Information

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