DE722-1G - MBI Geiger-Mueller counter, "inno"

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DE722-1G - MBI Geiger-Mueller counter, "inno"
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Demonstration instrument for measuring ionizing radiation, very easy to transport and magnetically mountable, the 26-mm LED display allows precise readings to be taken even at a great distance

Display: 4-digit LED display, digit height 26 mm
Switch: ON-OFF
MODE switch:
? IMP setting: manual start and manual stop
? MAN setting: manual start, one measurement is taken during the interval set on the TIME switch
? AUTO setting: measurement cycle is repeated for the interval set on the TIME switch
TIME switch: for the MAN and AUTO modes a valid measurement interval of 1, 10 or 100 seconds may be selected
SPEAKER switch: switches the speaker on or off START switch: starts and stops measurement in IMP mode and starts it in MAN mode
GATE LED: indicates counter gate state
Analogue output through a 3.5 mm phone jack (10mV/Hz)
BNS jack for connecting tube DR291-1Z
Power supply: 4 x 1.5 V mignon cells (included) or 5.5-mm hollow DC jack for 6 - 12 V
external power supply, e.g. P3130-1P
Case: green ABS plastic with yellow labelling
Dimensions: approx. 160x120x45 mm, weight: approx. 475 g

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Additional Information

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