P3120-1N - Fixed-voltage transformer, “inno”

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P3120-1N - Fixed-voltage transformer, “inno”
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The “inno” fixed-voltage transformer delivers 6 volts of fixed, stabilized direct current at a maximum of 7 A and 7 volts of fixed alternating current at a maximum of 9 A. The output voltage is taken from 4-mm safety jacks that are protected against short circuiting and overloading. The transformer shuts down in the case of an overload.
This device has been specially designed for use with converters P3120-1K, -1W, -1G, -3D. With its magnetic case, it is particularly suited for all experiments done on a magnetic panel with the NTL inno system.

Technical data:
Output voltage: 6 V DC, stabilized, max. 7 A, and 7 V AC, max. 9 A
Fuses: T 630mA fine-wire fuse (primary), electronic fuse (secondary)
Voltage source: 230 V AC/50...60 Hz
Dimensions: approx. 160x120x45 mm
Case: ABS plastic with yellow labelling
Weight: approx. 1260 g
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