DR260-1D - Digital counter, universal

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DR260-1D - Digital counter, universal
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Universal digital demonstration counter for measuring time,
frequency and pulse rates, display: 7 segment LED display,
6 digits, digit height 26 mm

Time measurement:
4 measuring ranges from 101 ... 104 s times the value displayed, measurement can be controlled using any signal source or light gate e.g. P1320-3LR, the two time value inputs may be combined logically in every possible way, adjustable signal threshold of time value inputs using potentiometer, light-emitting diodes for monitoring operation

Frequency measurement:
Fully automatic in 4 ranges from 101 ... 104 kHz times the value displayed, signal may be monitored audibly by switching on loudspeaker

Pulse rate measurement:
Input for Geiger-Müller tube, anode voltage may be set in 12 steps from 325 to 600 V, measurements scaled down by 1:100 possible, signal may be monitored audibly by switching on loudspeaker ABS plastic case with 2 recessed handles
Dimensions: 260x150x210 mm
Voltage source: 230 V/50...60 Hz

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Additional Information

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