P3120-1B - Rechargeable battery, “inno”, 6V/10 Ah

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P3120-1B - Rechargeable battery, “inno”, 6V/10 Ah
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The 6V/10 Ah inno rechargeable battery delivers 6 V of fixed direct current supplied through 4-mm safety jacks controlled by a toggle switch. When doing high-current experiments (short-circuit current >30 A), the output circuit can be closed for a maximum of 3 seconds using a push button. This device has been specially designed for use with converters P3120-1K, -1W, -1G, -3D and for experiments with high current.
With its magnetic case, it is particularly suited for all experiments done with the NTL inno system on a magnetic panel.
Technical data:
Output voltage: 6 V DC, short-circuit current: >30 A
LED indicator: displays operating mode
Dimensions: approx. 160x120x45 mm
Case: green ABS plastic with yellow labelling
Weight: approx. 2.4 kg
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