Fruhmann GmbH NTL Manufacturer & Wholesaler

  • DM128-3C Stress- and strain-balance 2000/0,1 g
  • P3212-12 Multimeter analogue 12
  • DE712-00 Universal multimeter "inno"
  • P5111-1L Optics Lamp 2 - SE, 20 W Halogen

Only one who tried it before should say:

"Yes, I can do that!"


Therefore you can perform experiments:

 simple – fast - safe
with the best price-performance ratio

We are here to assist you.

Always endeavoured

- Team


Please have a look on our documentation or download it:

- General catalogue demonstration equipment
- Student experiments general catalogue

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Latest novelties

Here you can find the latest innovations we added to our product range.

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